A Widow of No Importance

By Krishna Gupta 
Rasaka Theater's Newest Production

By Shane Sakhrani

Directed by Lavina Jadhwani

Produced by Rasaka Theatre Company

At Victory Gardens’ Richard Christiansen Theater, Chicago

A Play of No Great Romance

A Widow of No Importance starts off in Mumbai, India circa 2010 to tell the story of Deepa, a middle aged widow. She believes her role in society is insignificant and has accepted it.

Her main goal is get her daughter, Tara, married. However, Tara has other ideas than the traditional arranged marriage. Western lifestyle influences have dominated her activities and have given her different perspectives. So mother and daughter have conflicting viewpoints.

Neighbor Vinod, who also happens to be Deepa’s sons best friend, has recently divorced and contemplates the value of his life. Watch as the relationship between Deepa and Vinod morphs. Tara and Vinod also have some interesting moments and one wonders if there is a future for them as well.

This performance touches on many social and cultural norms that exist in Indian society. You see how Deepa resists her individual needs and happiness with Vinod as a result.

Performance: Jan 15 – February 21.

Thurs-Fri at 8pm

Sat at 4pm and 8pm

Sun at 3:30pm

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